Ledbars zijn er in een hoop verschillende maten en soorten. Voordat U een ledbar koopt bedenk dan waarvoor U hem wilt gebruiken. Led4wheels heeft een uitgebreid assortiment ledbars me schillende licht patronen. Hieronder een overzicht van de veschilllende patronen. En op alle ledbars van Angry Moose Lighting 3 jaar garantie !!


The All Weather beam is perfectly for thos driving in snow, fog, desert or heavy rain. These weather conditions make a normal light reflect more than you might want. With this all weather light you use your LED lightbar without having the reflection.

The light can be switched to only white, only amber or mixed amber white.


Driving beam pattern gives you a 45 degrees beam pattern which is ideal for use at normal speed. You see everything on the side and ahead of your path

We have the driving beam available in the Double Row working lights and in the Single row lights.


The flood beam pattern is the one used most on normal and higher speed roads/trails. It gives you a 25 degrees spread. It gives you vision far ahead but also on the side. Flood is available in most of our light types from 2-10 inch and is standard part of our combination beam in the larger lightbars.


The Hybrid beam pattern is for those that really want to extend their view. Don’t let the lumens fool you! By using a combination of 3W (lower lumen) LED on the sides and 10W (high lumen) LED in the center you create the best combination for light at high speed. Broad view nearby and really far in the center.

The Hybrid pattern is available in our Single and Double range.


The name Scene says it all, it lights the scene. This is your light when you want to work, back your car or truck or want to drive bush trails.

The scene light has an incredible 120 degrees beam pattern giving you an ultrawide view. Available from single row 2″ up to double row 50″ you can light the steps of your truck up til the back of your crane. Is there a better light for such circumstances: We don’t beleive that: This light is the summum in work light!


The Spot beam pattern gives you a 10 degrees wide spot light, with a lens designed for distance.  This is ideal for road or speed driving.

Most of our lights have the availability of Spot, whether this is a sole spot lens, or combined with flood in the larger lightbars giving you the broad view of flood and the distance of spot.


This beam pattern is the all in one for road and highspeed driving. It combines the wide beam of flood and the distance beam of spot in one light giving you the overview on the road or high speed trail.

Most of our larger lightbars (20″ and up) have this beam – often mentioned as combination beam – standard


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